Shapewear 101: A Beginner's Guide to Shapewear Styles

SHAPEWEAR IS a transformative undergarment that can offer a smoother silhouette, emphasized curves and provide added support. Whenever we think of shapewear, we would envision constricting garment with strong compression that leaves everyone uncomfortable and should only be worn during special occasion. Those are a thing of the past. Shapewear today has been reimagined to offer contouring solutions for women, thanks to innovative fabric and modern technologies.

Shapewear is available in many different styles, sizes and colors. There are full bodysuits, shaping camisoles, sculpting shorts, tummy shapewear and more. With so many different types available, knowing which piece to choose can be rather challenging. It is all about find the perfect match for your body and clothes that you are going to wear.

Different Types Shapewear Styles To Create A Smooth Foundation Under Your Clothes

Below are the main types of shapewear available and what they do.

Shapewear bodysuits 

Full bodysuits are a one-piece garment that looks like a swimsuit. They are ideal for formal occasions and parties because they provide all-over maximum shaping and support. A bodysuit will help to achieve an overall contoured look.


PowerConceal™ Full Body Tummy Control Shapewear

High waisted shaper panty

A pair of shaper panty is great for every day wear under every type of clothing. It can offer support to the tummy and smooth out the hips while allowing for breathability. These shaping panties usually come up higher on the torso than regular ones. Some go all the way to under the bra line and may also feature anti-slip waistband or clips attached to the bra to ensure that they do not roll down.

PowerConceal™ Eco Contour Seamless Shaping Panty

Shaping Camisoles

Camisoles or tank tops are the perfect option for those who want to smooth their tummy but do not want to wear a bodysuit or control pants. This shaping body shaper offers a seamless silhouette from the shoulders to the hips and the wide loose fit bottom comes with anti-roll effect to ensure that it does not roll up.


PowerConceal™ Seamless Tummy Control Shaping Cami

Waist Trainers or Waist Cinchers

A waist trainer or waist cincher is similar to a corset and is worn around the waist. This compression garment is designed to shape the midsection and cinch the waist to give an hourglass figure. It can minimize the waist instantly and accentuates those curves. A waist trainer usually features velcro straps or hook and eye closures for a firm compression. It is also used to supplement workout by stimulating thermal activity on the core in order for the wearer to sweat more with less effort during exercise.

NeoSweat® Abdominal Binder Latex Tummy Wrap

Control Shorts

A pair of tummy control shorts is a great addition to your lingerie closet. It is best for those who want to cinch their tummies and streamline their waists as well as slimming the thighs. It is also a good option to prevent thigh chaffing.

 AirSlim® High Waisted Butt Lifter Shorts with 2 Steel Bones

Butt Lifters

If you are looking to give your derriere a lift, then a butt lifter shapewear can do just that. It is basically an undergarment worn with the purpose of lifting the buttocks. Booty lifting shapewear comes in a variety to styles like full bodysuits and shaping shorts with pads.

AirSlim® Butt Hip Enhancer Padded Shaper

Low Back Shapewear

These type of shapewear are designed to offer support seamlessly while giving the option of wearing low back outfits. Opt for  U-neckline shapewear to ensure that the foundation garment stays hidden.


PowerConceal™ Ultra Comfy Body Shaper

The above are some of the many styles available and an example of how there is a body shaper for every conundrum out there. Try them on and you are sure to find a favorite that you will be reaching out for all the time.

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